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DIY Your Own Toothpaste Just Like Shailene Woodley

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SiriusXM's Entertainment Weekly Radio Special With The Cast Of "Divergent"

Here she is with her teeth in action.

Shailene Woodley, the new Hollywood It-girl and star of Divergent(2014) makes her own toothpaste because she's into herbalism , lucid dreaming and other cute hippy dippy stuff. She's charming as charming could be. Look out, Jennifer Lawrence.

Woodley divulged some of the ingredients for her special DIY toothpaste formula of Late Night with Seth Meyers (video below). She uses coconut oil, essential oils, and herbs, but the main component is clay. Clay happens to be an ingredient I have made little dreidels out of so that dreidel I could play. There's even a song about it.

According to the actress, “the kicker” with her toothpaste concoction is that you swallow it after you brush for “a daily dose of medicine.” Brewing up your own toothpaste isn't really something Seth Meyers or I seem particularly into, but hey, I'm the kind of jerk that's fine with cleaning my teeth with Tom's and spitting it into the drain with all the debris from my mouth. I'd never survive after the apocalypse. If you do want to DIY your oral hygiene products. We found a few recipes for you.

Here are 5 DIY toothpaste recipes if you want to be an all natural badass like Shailene Woodley:

Here's the video of Ms Woodley and Seth Meyers, toothpaste chatter starts around 3:00.

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