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Divorced? Maybe This Condescending Infographic Will Make You Feel Better

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When we first spotted the infographic, Budgeting Your Newly Divorced Lifestyle, we were expecting a cool, fresh take on financial advice for the newly single (after all, it came from Visual Economics, the site that brought us yesterday’s interesting graph of what Americans eat). Instead, we found a condescending poster that assumes you’ve never seen a checkbook, handled your own expenses, or even held a job before.

The chart features a blonde woman contemplating living on her own dime. The advice is basic — not a bad thing, necessarily — but in between subtitles like “Compare your income to your expenses,” the actual suggestions are barely helpful at best, and pretty insulting at worst:

  • “Think about your bank managers and credit counselors — any of them attractive?”
  • “You probably have a little spare time now. Get a part time job!”
  • “Expect higher car payments and insurance when you get that sports car.”

The graphics are equally sexist and appalling, showing the blonde divorcee trying her hand at the aforementioned part time job: As an “office worker,” “ballet dancer,” or “janitress.”

Can someone please come up with a better guide to post-divorce finances?

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via Visual Economics