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Sometimes Even Dita Von Teese Feels Bad About Her Body

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Sometimes Even Dita Von Teese Feels Bad About Her Body Dita Von Teese Body1 640x425 jpgEven sex symbols have their bad days.

Dita Von Teese is one of those celebrities that most people seem to like (thought not all the time). The stripper turned burlesque icon is so popular because she’s a branding expert, but also because she’s an unapologetic weirdo who manages to be relatable while gussied up in feathered costumes and harkening back to erotica from the days of old.

In a photo shoot and interview with Bwatt Magazinethe retro-glam star exposed some of her personal vulnerabilities and methods for coping with bad body image.

Here are some quotations from the interview with (mostly) glowing commentary from me:

“Just like everyone else, I am not always confident, I have all the same self-doubt,”

Sometimes it is comforting to know that someone who is rewarded so handsomely for being so beautiful experiences self-doubt. The stakes are higher for people like Dita Von Teese, her body and face are her bread and butter. It’s easy to forget that preternaturally good-looking people can stress about body image too.

“I just try to love myself and accept things that I don’t like about myself and I think it’s something important for all women to know that we all have those feelings.”

Thanks, girl. We do all have those feelings, but most of us don’t have a lot of the things you have to validate ourselves.

“Everyone has something about them that they wish they could change, everyone I know anyway, and it’s about learning to love those things too.”

I love that she doesn’t get specific about what she’d like to change about herself. It’s annoying when celebrities point out their perceived flaws or talk about how fat they think they are and what not. Dita doesn’t set readers up to compare themselves to her.

“I always try to look for new ways to be a better person, what can I do to feel like I did something good  for myself, like eating well, exercising, new things to take on that makes me feel better”

This is a great approach, though “eating well and exercising” do not a good person make.

“I am big on reading books and getting help when I need help, like speaking to a therapist if I need some advice. If I feel like people don’t like me or like what I am doing, or if I read something that isn’t positive about me, I try to transform that into a good energy and doing something about it.”

Reading, therapy and positive energy are all solid.

“I have experienced a lot of heartbreak in my life and I am going to transform that into something good, like get up and do something good for myself today. It’s about keeping positive.”


Generally speaking, I’m a fan. She seems like she’s in control–of her brand, her aesthetic and her feelings in general. She’s not ashamed of having had plastic surgery or her past drug problems. She’s made a name for herself by turning societal expectations for a woman’s appearance into marketable art. Even though she’s compliant with patriarchal standards, she’s calling the shots. Cool cool cool.

Check out the Bwatt spread here.

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