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Dita Von Teese’s 6 Sexiest Things (Plus 2 Decidedly Unsexy Things)

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Dita Von Teese attends the Premiere of 'Cleopatra'Dita Von Teese is a sex symbol's sex symbol. The stripper with an empire turned herself into an icon like a foxy Andy Warhol or a not-annoying Lady Gaga. She knows sultry, she owns provocative, she's a branding genius and her brand makes everyone horny! We'd all be a little sexier if we followed Von Teese's lead.

As a business woman, Dita has dipped her perfectly manicured paws into a number of different ventures from makeup to lingerie to fragrance. Many stars try to launch perfumes, though I'm hard pressed to come up with a celebrity with enough authority on sexy to rival Dita's knowhow. Von Teese's fourth and newest fragrance is called Erotique, named for and inspired by the erotic literature she finds so titillating. The scent combines Bulgarian rose, coriander, patchouli, and leather for some of that old time sensory seduction.

When Gerri Miller of Your Tango spoke with Dita at the launch gala for her new perfume at Ron Robinson/Fred Segal in Los Angeles, they got to the bottom of what the queen of retro glamor finds hot.

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