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Dita Von Teese Pours Perrier Down Her Cleavage: Commercials We Hate

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With all the catastrophic environmental criminality that’s been happening in the Gulf of Mexico for the past, oh, three months, we really thought corporations might be a tad more sensitive to the idea of bottled water, and how plastic bottles increase our dependence on petroleum-based products, among other things. But apparently, Perrier thought burlesque performer Dita Von Teese and her cleavage could con consumers into overlooking the downsides of bottled water with one not-so-subtle old-school tactic: T&A!

Clearly, Perrier is the epitome of sophistication and luxury — it’s so fancy, Dita Von Teese showers in it. Frankly, although we recognize burlesque as a real art form, Von Teese always kind of gave us the creeps (she married Marilyn Manson, people!), but now she’s on our official shit-list. So would you promote a fossil-fuel-guzzling product just for some Benjamins in your booty (or crotch)?

via Treehugger