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The Most Disturbing Thinspo Quotes On The Internet

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Despite efforts made to eradicate internet thinspo (short for thinsperation, a portmanteau of thin and inspiration) it's still as prevalent as ever, infecting instagram, pinterest and tumblr with it's harmful messages often couched in shaming language and pretty pictures of pretty ladies running on a beach. Somehow, no matter how hard I try to consume only the most body positive and health friendly stuff on the internet and I'm still inundated with this nonsense. Thinspo is impossible to escape. It's dark and hard to see, but it's critical to be aware of it and to be able to criticize the damaging message being perpetuated.

Here are 10 particularly screwed up thinspo images that keep popping up on my fitness related social media:

1) I guess not eating garbage is good, but what's with the headless girl and shallow reasoning behind the choice to eat right?aec8be4baa6821968e60aa7198b2d908

2) Cool rhyme/mantra! Psych it's horrible and also, this picture doesn't even show thighs. 050a0675298256bd5df770f3b9d88ed1

3) Are these women consenting to having their images used in this manner? This message is super twisted, even thin people have to eat. Everyone has to eat. You can't just say no to food.


4) This is factually incorrect. 5daef9c8011f10623244f3c4fa047a0d 5) Nope. The worst reason to “get skinny” is to have clothing look better. These thinspo images are often predicated on this idea that thin women don't have self esteem issues and that everyone agrees thin = good.5df7489f9cb2dbe85e6066cefb504e62 6) No matter how many squats you do, the butt you have will always be the butt you have and even if you have a problem with it now, there is no guarantee that you won't still have a problem with it once you meet your goal. 97da98d91bd8e0958b073a069d1f532c 7) Again with the garbage comparison and the egregiously sexualized image of a woman with her head cut off. What is this about? Why is this a pattern?7aa6002f070fb9fc9f491606be5f7431 8) Just “cuz” you don't like the way something looks, doesn't mean it doesn't look good to someone.aa0d2423b8491b9196b5f9face7cc05a 9) ac2a7a2deebd31781a6cd4318304fad5 10) This is an example of what I consider the worst and most offensive thinspo. It divides a woman into body parts, renders her anonymous by obscuring her face and shamelessly uses her body in attempts to guilt the viewer out of a fucking cookie. a9695e5fb637ce85d1a453d0711b91c0

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