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The Anatomy Of Disney Princesses: A Guide

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disney logo oceanstarlet Disney's princesses are problematic role models for little ones for a number of reasons. Royalty and beauty should not be valued more highly than qualities like smarts and work ethic—but often are because our society doesn't have its priorities straight. The dearth of other female characters to idolize, as well as Disney's pervasive influence, are contributing symptoms.

Belle, Jasmine and company's physical attributes are as unattainable and fantastical as fairy godmothers and bewitched carpets that fly. So DeviantART artist Meredith Viguet, aka Oceanstarlet, put together a Disney Girls Tutorial illustrated breakdown of Disney princess anatomy—one that simultaneously criticizes Disney's impossible standards and serves as a step-by-step guide to drawing a woman fit for a glass slipper.

Oceanstarlet noticed that the Disney matches anatomically-impossible, highly-sexualized teenaged bods with overtly childlike faces to create its creepy monsters–whoops, I mean princesses. The princesses' bodies are uniform regardless of age. Their faces only differ if the princess is supposed to be “exotic.” Oceanstarlet refers to the white princess' faces as “sugar cookie style” because they are “sparkly, white, and too sweet for their own good.”

The guide successfully demonstrates what a bunch of spooky clones the Disney princesses are while remaining lighthearted and could actually be a helpful aid for someone trying to draw in that distinctly Disney style. Here are a few panels from the tutorial:

oceastarlet's disney princess guide oceastarlet's disney princess guide

I checked out Oceanstarlet's deviantART and saw that she has now addressed the attention her tutorial has received. Viguet says:

And I'm so embarrassed I just ugh I hate that tutorial. Like consider this my public apology for making it I just it's so ignorant and poorly made and I'm just really embarrassed but glad to get exposure in case I get good at art one day. I'm sooo embarrassed.

You can read more about Oceanstarlet's project (and see more images) on the Daily Mail. Check out Oceanstarlet's deviantART, too.