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Dislocated Knee Injury

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Well, here's something that has put a snag in my efforts to lose weight and get in healthier shape. I dislocated my left knee yesterday.

I had taken my kids to the playground behind my parents' church. For the first time in months, I had tons of energy because I'd worked out in the morning and was drinking lots of water. But when I put my 3-year-old on this tricycle merry-go-round thing, the handlebar jabbed my left kneecap, knocking it to the side.

It shocked me how much it hurt, and I crumpled to the ground. My older daughter ran to get my purse that had my cell phone in it. Within a few minutes, my mom, dad, and brother were there — and my husband was on his way.

They realized the pain was too intense for them to carry me up the hill to get to the hospital, so they called an ambulance. So, I was lying on this playground for about 30 minutes, about to pass out from the pain and 90+ degree heat. When the EMTs arrived, they had to give me morphine in order to get me moved on to the stretcher. I finally resorted to using breathing techniques I'd used during labor, but I told them this knee injury hurt worse than anything I've ever been through.

OK — so this was my first experience riding in an ambulance. It's certainly not something that was on my agenda for the day. The EMTs kept ice on my knee and kept it as still as possible while they transported me. It was extremely painful again when they moved me from the stretcher to the hospital bed. In fact, one of the hospital staff whispered in my ear, “M'am, this is going to hurt like hell, but it will be quick.” That seemed to help!

Well, I'm home now, with a knee brace and crutches. The x-rays came out good, showing that I wouldn't need surgery, and a doctor manually rotated my knee cap back into place. Next week, I'll go to an orthopedic surgeon and probably start some physical therapy.

I feel so discouraged right now, mad at myself, even though this was an accident and couldn't have been prevented. I'm trying to think positive — and wonder if my experience might be able to help someone else. Even though I won't be able to exercise like I have been for several weeks, there are still things I CAN do for my health. I can continue to drink my water, eat small, healthy portions of food, and do upper body exercises that still allow me to keep my knee immobilized while it heals.

Of course, I've been reading a lot about patellar dislocation. Here are few sites I've found helpful:
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I've got to keep myself upbeat, think lively, and see this as part of my journey of healthy living!