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Waiter Praised For Refusing To Serve Customer Who Insulted Special Needs Child

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How adorable is that little munchkin up there? As somebody whose lifelong goal is to be a mother, I'm pretty much fond of all children I see. Obviously, this is not the case with everyone, but you would at least hope that people would have the common decency to not be rude or discriminatory about kids, right? Wrong, sadly. In fact, a man at a steakhouse wanted to be moved from the boy above because he's a special needs child.

Milo Castillo has Down Syndrome, which apparently made this customer at Lorenzo's in Houston, TX so uncomfortable that after being seated near the child, he asked the waiter, Michael Garcia, to move his family elsewhere. Though the child was not misbehaving or being obnoxious in any way, Garcia obliged their request, but then heard the man say, “Special needs children need to be special somewhere else.”

Garcia was not all right with this behavior (because what decent human being would be?) and told the man that he couldn't serve him, as he found the comment “disturbing.” Though he was afraid he might lose his job, Garcia was simply appalled that the customer had said this in front of his own children, thereby teaching them that discrimination is a-okay. Garcia reportedly said, “How could you say that? How could you say that about a beautiful five-year-old angel?” Honestly, I have the same question: how could somebody say something so cruel about another human being, let alone a child?

Milo's mother Kim was very happy with Garcia for standing up for her child, saying:

“No one wants to sit next to a loud, disruptive child but it had nothing to do with him having special needs. He is just a kid and shouldn’t be discriminated against. He certainly didn’t ask to be born with Down’s syndrome.

“I was really impressed that Michael would stand up for Milo. He really doesn't know us … he stood up for Milo just because it was the right thing to do.”

Fortunately, Garcia did not lose his job due to the incident. In fact, he's received tons of praise and admiration for retaining his morals even when it was a risky.

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Fantastic, right? It's always good to see humans value, well, humanity. Garcia says that we would serve the family again if they came into the restaurant, but I have a feeling they'll be sticking away. Hopefully the fact that somebody who is paid to serve them literally refused to because of the father's remarks was a bit of a wakeup call, but then again, ignorant people have trouble changing. Nevertheless, the more the world decidedly stands against discrimination against people with Down Syndrome and other such conditions, the less tolerated that behavior will be.

Photo: Daily Mail