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17 Reasons You Should Try a Digital Detox

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It's doubtful that you printed out this post and are reading it on sheets on paper. Chances are you're reading it on your never-big-enough phone screen, your computer, or a tablet of some sort. We're not ashamed to admit it: We're properly addicted to our electronics. We check them pretty much every two seconds, we put them within arm's reach when we go to sleep and we even want them when we're in the bathroom. And that includes our computers, tablets and other devices.

Electronics have many advantages such as booking a cab, finding a great Thai restaurant in your neighborhood and discovering the latest viral beauty trend. That being said, we can have too much of a good thing. When we become so invested in our screens, the world around us passes us by… and we don't even know it. While the words “digital detox” might strike fear into someone who checks Instagram 25 times an hour, it can actually help. It can show you that it's cool to check a few websites (*ahem* Alloy) every day, but you don't need to be obsessively refreshing Instagram while you're at dinner with your S.O.

Going cold turkey, even if it's only for a short period of time, can help you reevaluate your relationship with tech, as well as your actual relationships. Try a detox for even just a few hours, then try a day. And if you're feeling bold, try a week and see what it's like. Still dubious? Here are 17 reasons why you should actually try a digital detox.