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Dieting Gallery: 10 Halloween Candies We Hate

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It's virtually impossible to have a giant bowl of candy sitting around your house for days without dipping your hand into it every now and then. But that makes dieting during Halloween a real challenge. Yesterday, FitSugar posted some advice on how to resist the urge to dip into the trick-or-treaters' candy coffers: Only buy candy you hate. That way, the temptation will be nonexistent. Check out our gallery of ten Halloween candies we just don't have a taste for. You may become the most hated house on the block, but at least you'll look good. And who knows — maybe all the little ghouls and goblins who knock on your front door will specifically ask for black licorice and candy corn. But we kind of doubt it. Let us know your least favorite Halloween candy in the comments section.

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