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25 E-Cards About Weight And Diet

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You've probably seen Some-Ecards online; they're the sarcastic and sometimes funny one liners typically matched with old fashioned images. I searched the website for E-cards about weight, diets and fat to see what came up. Somehow, I was pretty surprised by the insensitivity and rudeness displayed. I definitely should not have been surprised at all because this is the internet and people are jerks. Some of the e-cards I found are understandable and relatable, some are sad and some are just plain cruel, but they're all reflective of society's collective ideas about dieting. See the attempts at wit from some-e cards for yourself:

Here are 25 E-cards about weight and diet, in no particular order:

1) Juice cleanses can be very difficult! Eating food is a great part of living. This card is on the relatable end of the spectrum. 1313587821423_5426316 2) Another relatable card, for me at least. Complaining is great, but food restriction sucks. A2rzLfdiet-complaints-calories-fiber-one-funny-ecard 3) I don't really understand this one. I think it's implying that people shouldn't talk about losing weight even if they're happy about it or proud? Rude. HJGtFqnoticeable-weight-loss-mention-encouragement-ecards-someecards 4) Super-gluing your mouth shut will also keep you from saying stupid stuff like this. MjAxMy00N2NlN2E3OGM3YjE3YjFh 5) It is mean, so is using “fatty” as a taunting nickname. Seems like whoever wrote this is due for some karmic payback. MjAxMy0wY2U1ODcwMmRlYzE1OTVj 6) People love repeating this line from The Devil Wears Prada.
MjAxMy0wZWU4NjBhMTkyOWFmMDdl 7) This one accurately shows how the diet industry effects people, in a long winded way. MjAxMy0xZjdkOTBmZDVkY2EwMTRj 8) Friends don't say stuff like that. I've never even heard “scraped out of a crisco bucket” as an insult. Does crisco even come in buckets?MjAxMy0yMDFjYTUwNjFiOTZmMjlj 9) How cheeky. MjAxMy0yNTRlZmQxZjgyMzIyY2Yx 10) Dieting has a funny way of making verboten high calorie foods in large quantities seem even more appealing. MjAxMy0zZjU2MjljNWM0YTJhNDlk 11) Pinterest is ridiculous. MjAxMy1hNDJkYzIxOGMyNGIwNDgw 12) They do say that keeping a food journal helps people lose weight and keep it off. MjAxMy1hNjM5NzNmZGQ5OGIzMTcy 13) This is heartbreaking. Food usually tastes less “scrumptious” when you think about how it will lead to your death. MjAxMy1mYmYwYjZlNDdmZDFmYTZh_525f49651d368 14) While it's rude to tell people they're “too skinny,” getting people to be concerned about your health and wellness is a terrible goal and unbelievably insensitive to people with eating disorders. MjAxMy02MjFhNjZiNDBhYWYyMDgy_51f478bf6bd30 15) I feel this one. MjAxMy03MzJhNzM4YWE3OTY1MGY3 16) Like the last one, but with a misspelling of “lose.”MjAxMy04ZDFiOGY0MGIyZGFkMGUz 17) This one seems like it was written by someone having a personal conflict. If someone in your life changes their body, you shouldn't let it impact the way you feel about your own. If it does, don't tell them. On the other hand, if you are the person who has lost weight, don't assume that everyone is jealous of your new bod. MjAxNC0xYjgxZTY3MGFjZjk2YmM2 18) This person needs to change “everything in sight” to plants. MjAxNC01Yzk1OWRhZWNmMDY5ZWI5 19) This one made me laugh reluctantly because the way people talk about their Paleo diet can be ridiculous. paleodiet-diet-meat-apology-ecards-someecards 20) This feels personal! r7sQW7diet-new-years-resolution-drunk-encouragement-ecards-someecards 21) Anyone who says things like this has totally forgotten what it's like to have a stomach bug. It's more unpleasant than skipping treats for a few weeks. rather-confession-ecard-someecards 22) I can vouch for this one. Whenever I've done juice cleanses, the juice is all I can talk or think about. talking-about-juice-cleanse-confessions-ecards-someecards 23) Vulgar. vegetarian-meat-body-flirting-ecards-someecards 24) Spot reduction isn't a thing and it's terrible that society expects women to be thin, but with fat “in the right spots.” workout-gym-losing-weight-breasts-cry-for-help-ecards-someecards 25) Addition and subtraction aren't that hard, but dieting is. zoq2a7dieting-math-bad-fiber-one-ecards-someecards

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