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Dido Talks Turning 40…And It Might Be The Best Celebrity Story About Aging, Ever

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how old is didoThe English singer-songwriter Dido just came out with a new album, so she's doing a fair amount of press. And as a female celebrity over 40, she's getting asked about her age. But instead of spouting platitudes about aging, beauty, and confidence (not that we don't love those; we do), she answered at least one tabloid with a hilarious story–that also manages to subtly hint at how ridiculous it is that everyone's focused on her age.

She told Hello! magazine:

I loved turning 40, other than flying off the treadmill while trying to get fit on my birthday on Christmas Day. That threw me out for a bit.


More than a year later I still have scrapes on my legs… I was crying and laughing at the same time. I'd walked across the treadmill by mistake forgetting it was on and just went flying. That was my welcome to my forties.

Oh, the irony.

We hope everyone can enter their forties with as much humor (but fewer scars).

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