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Meatless Monday: 8 Delicious Detox Salads To Kick-Start A Healthy New Year

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haloumi salad recipe

By now you've finished off your holiday leftovers and New Year's Eve champagne; it's probably time to detox. But that doesn't mean you have to cut calories or ditch drinking. You can easily improve your digestion, increase energy, and get your pre-holiday “glow” back without going on an extreme detox diet or juice cleanse. (In fact, for many of you, we recommend you don't.) Laying off the party food, trying Meatless Monday, and making a few healthy recipes will yield vast improvements in your health.

To help, we rounded up 8 great detox recipes for vegan and vegetarian salads to help you get back to feeling great. Make one for dinner, or make a batch to pack away for lunch, and you'll be well on your way to getting in more fruits and vegetables, and cutting out the junk. Get excited: You're about to get reacquainted with kale (and lots of other fruits and vegetables).

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