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Demi Lovato Wants A Barbie With Cellulite

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Demi Lovato meets fans and sign copies of her album ‘Demi’ at HMVOxford Street.

Demi Lovato, X Factor judge, could not be any cuter and I dig her presence in the media.

Lovato has been outspoken about her struggles with self harm, eating disorders and negative body image, positioning herself as a Disney-style poster girl for positive body image. The princess of body positivity has only grown more inspiring since the villainous Simon Cowell publicly told her to drop a bunch of weight.

According to Lovato's wikipedia page, her birthday isn't until late August, but that didn't stop her from tweeting her birthday wish:

demi lovato tweet

It's great that she tweeted about her dream to have a Barbie doll that actually looks like her(since Barbie currently looks like no human ever), but it's annoying that she asked her fans(“lovatics”? Come on.) to aggressively “blow up” @BarbieStyledemi lovato tweet

Indeed, it would be “one dope 21st birthday” present. Honestly it would be a dope birthday present for anyone. My 24th is in October and I would love any miniature version of myself–the more painstakingly detailed the better; I'd bring my plastic doppelgänger to tea parties. But still, leave who I assume is a poor Mattel intern who tweets as Barbie out of this! Ask your powerful friends to get a Demi Lovato-proportioned Barbie instead of treating your 14.6 million twitter followers/”lovatics” like henchmen.

This next tweet is my favorite:
demi lovato tweet

This tweet isn't about her dream doll specifically; it's just true. I'm not sure if I want plastic toys to have cellulite or to be so realistic that they get into uncanny valley territory, but I agree that cellulite should be normalized. Many women have it and we are made to feel like it's some sort of ailment that would go away if we were just better at being women. Perhaps if more of the idealized representations of womens' bodies had realistic features like cellulite or stretch marks, we wouldn't feel the need to change our bodies at any cost.

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