Decorating The Christmas Tree With Toddlers

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This year we put up our Christmas Tree a tad bit early but only because I knew I’d have to take down the old lights. We got a tree the previous year that had the lights attached, getting them off was no easy task.

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IMG: Ferree

Finally, when it was all done I strung up the new lights. A few days later we made Reindeer Candy Canes with the kids and had them hang them on the tree.

Today he found the rest of the candy canes that had not been used in the arts and crafts session. What did he do with it? No, he didn’t eat them, instead he put them all on the tree and clapped for himself. He was so proud that he decorated the Christmas tree all by himself. I couldn’t help but smile, clap and of course take a picture.

Here are a few tips for getting toddlers to help with decorating the tree and keep them safe doing it:

– Ask them if they want to put something on. My advice is don’t give them something breakable, just in case it falls.

– tinsel isn’t always good. But if it must be done watch your child closely. This is a fun item to toss on the tree, even for little ones but you need to make sure they don’t stick it in their mouth or wrap it around their finger.

– No turning on the lights. Explain to them they can’t turn on the lights, the plugs are OFF-LIMITS. My son always runs for the plug if we haven’t turned the lights on, no matter how much we tell him no. Now we have been hiding the plug inside the tree to give us that few minutes to stop him.

– Make sure the tree is steady. You know little ones, he/she may try pulling on one of the branches. Check the tree and see if it is steady, sometimes those screws don’t always go into the trunk right. If it is a fake tree you know the legs don’t always lay straight. One thought might be to use fishing line or floss and hang it to the ceiling from the top of the tree just to make sure it won’t tip over.

– Get a fake mini tree. If your tree doesn’t seem to be left alone, you may want to try to get your little one their own small tree about their height so they can decorate it and feel like it is something that they can touch. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to forget about the big one.