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Feeling Overwhelmed? 20 Quick Ways to Declutter Your Life and Your Mind

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Let's admit it: we’re all stressed out. Even though we're often called lazy and entitled by judgy geriatrics, millennials are reporting higher amounts of stress and anxiety than previous generations. The truth is, millennials actually work more and obsess more about work than older generations. But don't worry – there are strategies to fall back on other than bottles of wine and bouts of crying. Here are 20 easy tips to help you get started on the road to a more zen you. 

1. Clean up your surroundings, one small space at a time


The best way to declutter your mind is to start with your surroundings. If the very thought of cleaning your apartment gives you heart palpitations, start with one space at a time. You could go big and clean out a whole room. Or start small with a shelf or drawer. The key is to start somewhere and be patient with yourself. Having a hard time deciding on whether or not to get rid of that hideous porcelain puppy your grandma gave you for your tenth birthday? If it’s sitting in a box in the attic it might as well sit on a shelf at Goodwill.