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December’s Doggie & Kitty Links

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PetMD explores 5 Pet-safe holiday leftovers. Did you know green beans are OK to feed as long as they're not mixed with other ingredients, like in a casserole?


Moderncat covered the opening of Colony Cats, a cozy, contemporary cat adoption center in Columbus, Ohio. It's beautiful, but even more impressive, it introduces cats to shoppers through a storefront window approach! The center also features a library to help educate potential new feline adopters.

Dolittler explains why Dawn dishwashing detergent is a fave for getting oil off of animals. So, if your pet gets into motor oil, there you go.

Over at Paw Print Post, there's a discussion going on about whether or not it's fair to use pets as mascots. What do you think?

Paw Nation has reviews of Pet Greens Catnip Buds and the Dyson DC28 Animal!

Meanwhile, Dogster presents the Top 10 Pawfect Holiday Gifts Under $50. Sounds like it's time to start the pet holiday shopping.

(Image via flickr/LizMarie)