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Dear Media: We Get It—The World Wants Us To Get Plastic Surgery

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Thanks to this Daily Mail article, we can be reminded of what matters: 24 percent of men (in a study of 1,248 British men) think their female partners should go under the knife: bigger boobs, liposuction, nose jobs, you name it. I'm left wondering why this is newsworthy? Oh, right—that's because our sense of beauty should be validated by men, and certain media outlets have no problem perpetuating this idea.

But then again, that story is freshly delivered from the same site that boasts the headline, “Why Men Will Always Cheat.” Are we hard-wired to publish these sorts of stories because we've just come to lazily accept that women should change for men and that all men are total scumbags (at least from the viewpoint of monogamous women)? Jeez.

Though there are sometimes serious psychological and social factors at play that might make women want to attain plastic surgery, discounting health-related issues, publishing these sorts of articles plants the seed; why, yes, you're not alone in thinking your wife should change, or, yes, you should be undergoing surgery because that's what your man probably wants. Why aren't there more articles that drop stats about the types of surgeries that women want men to attain? I don't need to re-hash it; we live in a society where it's simply expected that women's beauty is somehow related to or should pander to male desire. Never mind the sorts of generalizations these stories make about men.

I could go on and on about the obsession and proliferation with unhealthy body image issues, but right now I'm just exhausted by the headlines. This press release made its way into my inbox this morning. Not unique by any means, but the commoditization of perfectionism is so obvious: Put in your years as a mom? Get a tummy tuck and some new boobs! Look, I'm not against someone doing something that makes them happy, but why are these articles so focused on women, and why is this the message we want to send?

Well, we know the answer. But maybe with more rants like mine, we can work toward ending it.