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This Dave And Buster’s Tweet Proves They Confused #TacoTuesday With #RacistTuesday

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This Dave and Buster s Tweet Proves They Confused  TacoTuesday with  RacistTuesday dave busters tweet hed 2014 280x157 jpgTsk, tsk, Dave & Buster’s. You’ve made the list of Restaurants Behaving Badly, a fun, all-too-regular naughty list for establishments who just don’t think twice before speaking. Or in this case, tweeting.

In a Twitter fail certain to follow the arcade/bar/local hangout of 17-year-olds who think they are just the coolest for at least a week (so like, a month in Internet time), the restaurant turned a promotion for #TacoTuesday into an occasion for racism.

The tweet read: ” ‘I hate tacos’, said no Juan ever #TacoTuesday #DaveandBusters”.


Seriously? Seriously? How does this keep happening? How, in 2014, does a nationwide industry brand not know that what they’re posting is borderline racist and will generate the exact kind of publicity no nationwide brand wants? Where is the accountability? I tweet for a living—I know how many eyes see and approve those 140 characters or less before they hit the timeline of oh, say 25.7 thousand followers (the exact number of followers good ole’ David and Buster’s has at the time of this writing). Spoiler: it’s a lot of eyes. So either you have a 20-year-old frat boy #runningwild on your social channels with zero supervision, or you FOR REAL need to re-structure your social strategy.

It only took 40 minutes for the company to delete the offensive tweet and issue a TRULY heartfelt apology:

Yes, I just get the warm and fuzzies all over from that attempt at making things right. Keep your Taco Tuesdays, Dave and Buster’s. I’d sooner go to Taco Bell, where I know at least one person at corporate knows what’s what in terms of social media. Adiós!