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Health Today: Which Dating Red Flags Should You Look Out For?

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Real guys tell us which red flags to watch out for when dating. –Gurl

Bacon Christmas tree. It’s a real thing. –Bustle

Oh yes, there’s actually going to be a porn parady of The Interview. –The Frisky

Baked Avocado-Egg Bowl. You’ll never go back after trying this! –Greatist

Here are 8 times that friends with benefits actually work out. –The Frisky

Nope, you don’t have to buy your infant Christmas gifts. –Mommyish

In weirdest news ever, Kendall (in lingerie) dances with Kris for Love. The Gloss

These celebrities were conspiciously absent in 2014. –Crushable

The best ugly Christmas sweaters for your upcoming holiday party! –Teen

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