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Damian Aquiles: Art with Found Paint Cans & Hand-chiseled Letters

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Work by Damian Aquiles will be included in the upcoming group show “Just What Are They Saying” (with a focus on art that includes words or letters) at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans, January 17 – February 28, 2009.

Missing Letters (below) will be featured, and the other art displayed in this post may be found online at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery.

From Damian's artist statement:

“I like to work with used materials, for the concentrated energy that emanates from them, they have a lot of light. I don't work with trash, but with last life.”


Damian Aquiles, Missing Words
Hand-chiseled welded letters


Damian Aquiles, Palabras de Mi Tiempo
Hand-chiseled letters stitched on found canvas


Damian Aquiles, Untitled
Cuban paint cans and acrylic over wood frame


Damian Aquiles, El Tiempo No Desgasta
Hand-chiseled letters on found paint can collage

Damian's work has been shown in Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Argentina, Italy, Nicaragua and the United States.

I'm so glad I happened upon Damian's inspiring art. May he keep finding paint cans and canvas and making them sing.

(Images courtesy Jonathan Ferrara Gallery. Used with permission.)