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Dairy-Free Cake Mixes from Duncan Hines

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If you're looking for a cake mix that is both egg-free and milk-free, look no further than your regular grocery stores. Lurking in the middle of the Betty Crocker and Pillsbury boxes are cake mixes from Duncan Hines that are dairy free!

I discovered this just recently after a tip given to me by a fellow mom. I've assumed that the regular cake mixes always contained milk and eggs, so I limited my search to health food stores. I also went the ‘from scratch' route (and made some rather inedible cakes in the process!). But, finally, I went and looked very carefully at each box at the store, and found that there are some varieties of Duncan Hines that I can use for my allergic sons.

The instructions on these boxes do say to add eggs, but I use Ener-G Egg Replacer instead. I've tried the Moist Deluxe Lemon Supreme and Classic Yellow mixes, and both resulted in excellent cakes. There are even chocolate-flavored varieties that are egg- and milk-free. Just read the labels to find them!

In addition to the cake mixes, Duncan Hines also makes dairy-free frosting. I've used the French Vanilla Creamy Homestyle Frosting. It was a bit too sweet, but still pretty good.

I've been so happy to find a good cake mix that I can just whip up in a jiffy without worrying about allergens! Whoohoo! Thank you, Duncan Hines!

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