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20 Foods With Enough Sugar For Your Whole Day

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sugar intakeThe World Health Organization has updated its guidelines dictating how much sugar we should be consuming in a day. WHO's updated recommendation is six teaspoons of sugar a day, half of the previous suggested. That's still quite a bit of sugar– 24 grams a day if you consider that there are about 4 grams of granulated white sugar a teaspoon–but enough with the word problems. I feel like I'm in middle school math class.

Although it's no secret that a lot of foods, particularly processed and packaged foods, contain an outrageous amount of sugars, it can still be surprising how quickly we can reach our sugar threshold with just one item.   

Here are 20 items that will meet or exceed your daily limit of sugar:

Sugar, obviously the best way to start your day-

1) Blueberry Muffin 

sugar muffin

44 grams of sugar.

2)  Apple Fritterapple fritter sugar

27 grams of sugar

3) Banana Pecan Walnut Loaf Cake

sugar loaf cake

28 grams of sugar

4) Old Fashioned Glazed Donut

sugar donut

 30 grams of sugar

5) Apple Crumb Donutdonut sugar

49 grams of sugar

6) Cinnamon Sugar Crunch Bagelcinnamon sugar bagel

24 grams of sugar

7) Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tartspop-tarts-1

30 grams of sugar per package

Have some drinks to wash down your sugar with more sugar-

8) Strawberry Lemonadestrawberry lemonade

52 g of sugar

9) Sweet Teasweet tea

39 grams of sugar

10) Frozen Caramel Coffee Coolatta 

frozen sugar

72 grams of sugar

11) Hazelnut Macchiato starbucks sugar

32 grams of sugar

12) Coca Cola Classiccoca_cola_classic

39 grams of sugar

13) McShamrock Shakemcdonalds-Shamrock-McCafe-Shake-12-fl-oz-cup

73 grams of sugar

15) Chocolate Shake 5351366736945.97287

45 grams of sugar

End your day with a little sugary treat-

 16) 3 Musketeersim_hero

36 g of sugar

17) Sour Patch Kids09850CF

36 grams of sugar

18) Snickersim_hero

27 grams of sugar

19) Milky Wayim_hero

31 grams of sugar

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