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The Daily Mail Treats A Mentally Ill Woman Like A Side-Show Freak

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multiplesThe Daily Mail continues to be the least sensitive of all time, this time doing a cheeky profile on a woman who might* have a very serious condition. The Mail's profile of a very sick woman is completely in line with their “gawk at the freak” style of reporting. The “freak” in question is a woman partially named Kimi Sands focuses on Christmas presents rather than mental health.

Kimi Sands is only partially her name because the 23–year-old alleges to have fifteen separate personalities and Dissociative Identity Disorder (aka DID), a condition that causes the mind to split the personality into multiples. Though her core identity is twenty-three-year-old Kimi Sands, she also is 22 year old Japanese chef Satou, teen exercise-addict Fiona, and four-year-old twins Jack and Safyer among others. Rather than discussing details about DID that may provide insight into the mysterious disorder, the Mail talked to Sands about how expensive if is to do Christmas shopping for all of her “alters,” with a few details about her history tossed in.

Had I been in contact with Ms Sands, her alters and her husband, I would have many more questions than the Daily Mail managed to ask. I'm curious about the logistics of their life, how conversations work, the benefits, the drawbacks. The Daily Mail missed the mark by trying to make a joke out of people's lives…again.

* I only say “might” because there have been a number of known fakers pretending to have multiple personalities and there's a large community on the internet of fake multiples.

Read more about this and see images at The Daily Mail//Image via United States of Tara 1976)