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Kate Moss Wears Bikini On Vacation, Gets Criticized

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Kate Moss Appointed As The New Face And Body Of St.TropezIconic model who does not endorse eating disorders, Kate Moss was vacationing on the Spanish island of Formentera with her husband and child, so the paparazzi thoughtfuly snapped commemorative pictures of their getaway. Since Moss was wearing a bikini, naturally the Daily Mail piped in with their delightful opinions about what her body looked like. Obviously their opinions are actually rude garbage and in no way constructive or delightful considering The Daily Mail makes supermarket checkout tabloids look like Pulitzer material.

Here are some of their unsolicited judgments:

Until now she has appeared to defy all signs of ageing, despite a less-than-healthy fondness for parties and cigarettes.

The Daily Mail has published a number of disgusting takedowns of Kate Moss' body. I'm not sure why they say “Until now” as though they haven't been criticizing her for years for not being as “waifish” as she was during her heroin chic days, having cellulite, and aging.

But time may finally have begun to catch up with Kate Moss, who will turn 40 in January.

40??? My stars! Off to the glue factory with her.

The supermodel, whose waif-like figure helped her rise to fame in the early 1990s, looked to have developed some curves as she sunbathed on a Mediterranean beach.

Can we banish the word “curve” and any derivations outside of geometry class and road signs?

The Mail does have some sort of nice things to say about the still lovely model (she can wear a bathing suit and dive like a “pro”), but the bulk of the article is actually spent discussing Moss's earnings and what brands make her accessories. You can read the whole thing and see pictures here if you're interested in turning your brain to mush.

Story via Daily Mail