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Daily Fail: Rebel Wilson Criticized For Working Out While Wearing A Donut T-Shirt

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Oh, the Daily Mail. Sometimes your ridiculously rude fat-policing knows no bounds—like today, when you attempt to give actress Rebel Wilson props for exercising, but simultaneously criticize her choice of fun workout wear.

Apparently, Rebel Wilson was “sporting a pink T-shirt featuring a pair of suggestive doughnuts” while working out yesterday in Los Angeles.  Here's what else the always classy Daily Mail, with this particular article penned by writer Louise Sanders, had to say: (words bolded for emphasis by me)

Despite her choice of clothing suggesting sweet treats were the focus of her attention rather than the task in hand, the Australian actress seemed to be working up a sweat on her hike.

Awwww. The admittedly-overweight actress is actually moving her body! Let's all give her kudos with a hefty side of faux-concern directed towards something that's obviously totally monumentally hugely important in her workout routine: what she's wearing! Because of course her choice of shirt matters. Because wearing a donut shirt obviously means she'd rather be eating donuts than working out. Only a fat girl who doesn't actually like to exercise would be wearing donuts on her boobs while she sweats, right?

Honestly, I don't know why there even has to be a story on the fact that this actress is exercising, much less a story that includes specific content about a donut shirt. Aren't there, like, actual problems in the UK this British news outlet could be covering? Like, serious gaps in pediatrician's training, for example?


It's worth pointing out, too, that the writer clearly didn't even do the most basic amount of web research on Rebel's shirt. That donut shirt is actually part of Rebel's own plus-size clothing line, not just a random thing she threw on to show her allegiance to junk food even as she exercises. Rebel's Fat Mandi t-shirts, available here, are inspired by the character she played on the Australian TV show “Wedges.”

Regardless of the provenance of her wardrobe, I'm pretty sure Rebel Wilson doesn't need this kind of condescending, fat-policing congratulations on her fitness goals—or the nitpicky criticism of what she chooses to wear while she accomplishes them, either.

Photo of shirt: Fat Mandi