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Daily Fail: Jennifer Hudson Almost Criticized For Pizza Picture, But Writer Says It’s Cool Because She’s Skinny Now

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You know what's wonderful? Pizza. You know what's not wonderful? Practically fat-shaming somebody for eating pizza, but then patronizingly backing off because that person has lost weight, making it “understandable.” Of course, pizza's not a food any of us should eat every day, as it's typically high in calories and fat, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't enjoy it once in a while. And it certainly doesn't mean you're putting your health and diet on the “back burner,” as The Daily Mail said last night about Jennifer Hudson.

Yesterday, Hudson tweeted the above photo of herself along with the caption, “My weight watchers works!!” The singer has achieved considerable weight loss as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers,

The Daily Mail commented on Hudson's photo by saying, “After committing to – and achieving – incredible weight loss… it's understandable that the Weight Watchers star should put her diet on back burner now she's reached her ideal weight,” as well as describing her appearance along with the “smorgasbord of food” that she was “pigging out” on. Fortunately, instead of wholly criticizing Hudson's eating habits, another caption read “Nothing to worry about” below a photo of Hudson not eating. But why would it be something to worry about, anyway? After all, it's just some junk food–it's not as though she wrote, “My new daily diet because I hate healthiness!” along with her photo. And would it somehow not be understandable to eat pizza if she wasn't thinner these days?

As we all know, moderation is key when it comes to any health plan–too much or too little is typically not a good thing (unless you're auditioning for Les Mis, I s'pose). Having some pizza isn't a bad thing, nor does it mean you've thrown your diet out the window. Don't let anybody convince you that if you're not at your ideal weight, you shouldn't be allowed to have one of your favorite foods. Especially not The Daily Mail.

Photo via Jennifer Hudson's Twitter.