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Daily Fail: ‘Extreme’ Corset Holds Back Bulges With Power Of Avalanche Safety Netting

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The Daily Mail is advertising “high-tech, extreme corsets” for ladies looking to “(cash) in on this season's hourglass trend.” Made by Italian company Oh My Corset!, these babies are constructed from the same material used in race cars, avalanche safety netting and scuba gear. Like wearing a sexy wet-suit! 

No wonder they're already beholden to “a host of” famous fans.

“The pressure to maintain a perfect figure has driven women to embrace a trend previously reserved for period dramas,” the Mail informs us.

“The old-fashioned one-time wardrobe staple is still the simplest way to achieve a smaller waist and stomach while creating curves where they are needed.”

Yes, ladies, for just £325 to £940 apiece you can fight pesky extra pounds or bothersome things like having a rib cage with the power of the mesh made to hold back avalanches.

Or you could, you know, remember that we live in 2012 and women stopped wearing corsets for several good reasons. At least most of us did.

Photo: Daily Mail screen grab