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D-I-Y Baby Shower Invite

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baby shower invite-01a.jpg

Here is an invite I made for a baby shower I am hosting for a very good friend of mine.

baby shower invite-01b.jpg

Inside is a 3-fold invite.

How did I do it?
1. Fold an 8.5×11 or A4-sized cardstock in half (vertical).
2. Cut into 2 equal parts so that size becomes 4.25×11.
3. Fold 4.25×11 cardstock into 3 equal parts so they become 3.67×4.25 each.
4. Embellish and add the details of shower/event
5. Cut hole in one end. Thread through one end of ribbon.
6. Wrap other end of ribbon around folded card.
7. Make a bow.
8. Ta-da! Your own baby shower invite!

You can choose to do it yourself or order from my site: creativeXpression under “Invitations” category.