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Shopping Guide: Cute Track Jackets You Can Wear On The Track Or At The Club

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Missy Elliott Presents The First Ever 3D Music Video In a Fly Track JacketSometimes I have a hard time justifying spending money on workout clothes because I can just sweat in my grimy old threads without buying anything new, but there is something oddly motivating about looking fresh while working on your fitness. That's why it's smart to get gym clothes you can also use when you're not exercising. My padded spinning shorts were kind of a shitty purchase since I rarely spin anymore, but my Adidas track jacket was the best decision I've literally ever made (I make few good decisions). It's useful as all get out and I wear the shit out of it.

Though I don't really know what the kids are wearing to the club, I do know 90s and early millennium realness is in big time, so when the temperature dips or it's a little drizzly out, I wear my sweet track jacket out not just to go for a light jog, but to meet my friends for a drink. And I look good and I feel good. I'm not saying we should bring back the juicy couture velour jumpsuit trend from hell, but a little pop of comfort here and there never hurt anyone.

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