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Cute Easter Basket Ideas~ Go Plush

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If you’re looking for a really cute Easter basket idea for your toddler or preschooler this year check out these plush baskets from Hasbro.

My favorite is this Tonka Dump Truck plush basket, it would thrill any little construction worker on Easter morning to find the Easter bunny left this with their favorite kid sized construction toys and chocolate tools inside. You can find this construction basket at Toys R Us and other major retailers.

Tonka Plush Basket

Transformers has always been a hit at our house. This Transformers Bumblebee plush basket would also make a wonderful party favor or Halloween candy basket. This basket is available exclusively at Target.

Load it up with these Transformers action figures. These animated Autobots are based on the Transformers cartoon and will premiere this Spring. They come in a pack of two, twin brothers JETFIRE and JETSTORM, who combine to create SAFEGUARD.

Transformers Animated Figures Entertainment Pack

The first two Easter baskets are for little boys, but this last one is for all the girls out there who are Littlest Pet Shop Fans. You can find this cute little plush Littlest Pet Shop bunny Easter basket exclusively at Aldi.

Fill your Littlest Pet Shop Bunny with these special edition Littlest Pet Shop Collectible Pets. These adorable new Pet Shop pets include an angel fish, lion, flamingo, and sea horse. Make sure you keep an eye out as the Littlest Pet Shop Collectible Pets Assortment will release exclusive, special edition pets throughout the year.

LPS Pet Pairs - Dwarf Bunny & Bunny

In the fall there will be additional pets within the Littlest Pet Shop Collectible Pets Assortment, including a bat, penguin, inchworm and crocodile among others.

LPS Portable Pets - Penguin

Eash Littlest Pet Shop pet is sold separately, and will be available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on HasbroToyShop.com.

All images via Hasbro