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14 Cupcakes That Look Way Too Beautiful To Eat

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It has happened to all of us. We're at a wedding or a baby shower, and we heard there will be cupcakes. We quickly say our ‘hellos' and make a beeline for the dessert table. When we get there, we're stunned. Look at these beautiful cupcakes! The sprinkles, the colors, the fondant! Do they expect us to eat these works of art? They cupcakes belong in a museum and not in the banquet hall of a country club!

While it's tempting to take these gorgeous edible masterpieces home and set them out for the world to see, but eating them is tastier and probably more socially acceptable. Especially if you Instagram them first. So take a break from drinking your healthy juices and eating your vegetables, and have yourself a cupcake that's better looking than you are. You've earned it.

1. Snowflake Chocolate Cupcake via @TheBoodleBox

snowflake chocolate cupcakeEating a beautiful snowflake cupcake is the cutest way to forget that you're snowed in and help will not be arriving for another 3 days. Enjoy your cupcake and make it last.

2. Sunflower Cupcakes via @Chickabug

sunflower cupcakes

Van Gogh would probably chop off his other ear to get his hands on these summery sunflower creations. Maybe. Okay, just a finger this time.

3. 50's Diner Cupcakes via @hwtmScreen Shot 2014-06-29 at 10.23.11 PM

Calling all Pink Ladies! These retro soda shop cupcakes go together with your mouth like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong!

4. Flower Cupcakes via @iVillage

flower cupcakes

I could devote an entire year to dissecting how beautiful these flower cupcakes are, from the glittery petals to the symmetry and beyond. But I have a job, so I won't.

5. Ombre Mini Cakes via @bridalguide

ombre mini cakes

Oh, you thought ombre was just for hair? How silly of you! These ombre cupcakes are stackable and gorgeous, perfect for the chic lady's soiree.

6. Tie Dye Cupcakes via @wilton

tie dye cupcakesPeace and love can be found within these tie dye delectables. Just make sure they're not “special” cupcakes.

7.  S'more Cupcake via @CupcakeDaily

smore cupcake

S'more cupcakes are perfect for the girl who cannot manage to keep her marshmallow on the stick without setting it on fire or dropping it into the fire pit aka ME.

8. Cadbury Egg Easter Cupcake via @iVillage

cadbury eggs

These tiny Easter egg nests are pretty enough to paint and yummy enough to eat. And the best part is, tiny birds won't hatch outside your window and wake you up at 4am!

9. Beach Flipflop Cupcake via @CarlosBakery

beach flipflops cupcake

Count on Carlo's Bakery in New Jersey to give us some of the cutest beach-themed cupcakes. Another beach theme idea are margaritas, hammocks, and palm trees, but maybe that's too much to fit on a cupcake.

10. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cupcake via @BakersRoyale

peanut butter and chocolate cucpake

“How about we put a cherry on a peanut butter cup on a cupcake that looks like an ice cream sundae?” – THE BEST PERSON EVER.

11. Chinese New Year Cupcakes via @MagnoliaBakery

chinese new year cupcakes

Look at that pretty horse! Sorry Bronies, it totally puts My Little Pony to shame.

12. Carrot Cupcake via @freshcupcakes

carrot cupcake

I have never in my life been so excited to see adorable, dainty carrots. Fresh Cupcakes is taking simplicity to a beautiful new level.

13. Tie Dye with Sprinkles Cupcake via @buttercupnyc

tie dye with sprinkles cupcake

This reminds me of all the rainbow hair trends happening in Hollywood right now. If a cupcake can inspire a hair style, what can't a cupcake do? Can they take over the world? Only time will tell.

14. Banana Split Cupcake via @georgetowncc

banana split cupcakes

If you aren't craving a banana split after checking out this fun cupcake, I don't want to know you.