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First Crystal Renn Had To Defend Her Weight Loss. Now, She Has To Defend The Work She Gets

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crystal renn weight loss

As a plus-sized model who used to suffer an eating disorder, Crystal Renn has had to defend her recent weight loss on several occasions. Now, instead of being asked to straight up explain why her weight is changing (you know, because that NEVER happens to most women), she's being asked to defend the kind of work she's getting now that she's lost a few sizes. At a recent amfAR gala, she wasted precious time answering the New York Post‘s questions about whether she would have been asked to model lingerie for Agent Provocateur if she hadn't lost weight and gone down to a size 8.

After reminding us that she went down four sizes, the Post quoted Renn:

“It wouldn’t have mattered what size I am,” she told us at amfAR’s gala Wednesday at Cipriani Wall Street. “That’s not what they’re about. Sexiness for them is not about a pants size. It’s about an essence, personality, confidence, energy. Think of the girls they’ve always used, like Kate Moss. It’s an energy.”

Am I skeptical that Agent Provocateur is signing models based on their personalities? Yes. Most brands and advertising agencies are pretty focused on visuals in their ad campaigns, including how a model looks.

But models aren't asked if they would have gotten their jobs if they had a different color hair, eyes, or skin. It's a given that someone's looks and style choices play into which jobs they get (if we're honest, that holds true even outside the modeling industry).

Renn was generous to even address a question about whether she would have gotten the Agent Provocateur ad campaign if she hadn't lost weight. Not just because the question is rude, but because we've all talked about Renn's weight before. She has. Other magazines have. And there's not much more to say. And Renn's a pretty interesting person; she deserves a more interesting question.

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