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5 Mouth-Watering Kosher For Passover Matzah Dessert Recipes

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matzah dessertsDon't let Passover's food restrictions plague you. Let my people enjoy dessert!

Do you spell it Matzah, Matzo, Matzoh, or some other way? Who cares? When I was just a little Jewish girl who hadn't even had her Bat Mitzvah yet, I thought there were only a few delicious ways to eat Matzah: in ball form, as matzah pizza, covered in chocolate and my Grandmother's matzah brie. Thanks to the internet, I am now aware of about a million different ways to eat matzoh that aren't totally boring. After wandering around Pinterest for what felt like forty years, I finally found the 5 most delicious looking matzah-desserts.

Here are 5 mouth watering matzah dessert recipes for Passover:

1) Matzo S'mores mld104015_0409_21_vert

I am personally angry with every Hebrew School teacher I ever had who did not make these for us during Passover. Be sure to use gelatin-free kosher marshmallows if you want these to be the real deal. via Martha Stewart

2) Chocolate Toffee MatzahScreen Shot 2014-04-04 at 11.55.17 AM

Have you ever seen such fancy looking matzah? Wandering in the dessert wouldn't have been so tough if all that unleavened bread was coated in chocolate and toffee. via Sweet & Crunchy Blog 

3) Matzo Almond Croccantematzo-almond-croccante

This matzah dessert is even fancier. I didn't mind my matzah with jelly on top for dessert as a kid, but that's only because this level of matzah creativity didn't even exist yet.  via Bon Appetit

4) Marble Matzoh Crunchsquares-stacked-11

Think of it as a sweet marble rye or a black and white cookie that you can eat during pasoch. via Salt and Serenity 

5) Dark Chocolate Banana Matzo Brie6a00e55015ee52883301543256cca1970c-500wi

This isn't your bubbe's matzoh brie! This is   via The Bitten Word

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