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Craigslist Ad Seeks Woman To Sit In A Ramen Bath, Which Isn’t The Worst Way To Spend A Cold Night

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via Silence Of The Lambs(1991)

A recently posted Craigslist ad takes wanting to drink a woman's bathwater to a hair-raising next level.

FoodBeast pointed us to this exceptionally strange Craigslist ad placed in the “talent gigs” section a few days ago. It's too weird to really explain, so I'll let it speak for itselfcraigslist ad

It disturbs me that my first thought after reading this was “why would she have to wear a bathing suit?” After that initial question, I started getting critical. I know that old Latin phrase de gustibus non est disputandum and it's rude to be judging anyone for their taste in something as innocuous as ramen, but dude has creepy taste in noodles. I suppose chicken flavor isn't eerie enough for some people and bodegas don't sell woman flavored top ramen.

No word on whether or not his bathtub is actually a cauldron being held over a flame by rusty chains.

Here are a few other questions I have:

  • Does this person have roommates who know what they use the tub for when no one is home?
  • A 30 minute soak is an awfully specific amount of time, has this been tested? Is it from a recipe book?
  • How many packages of cooked noodles will be in the tub?
  • Will there be any cameras in the bathroom?
  • Is this a sex thing or does he just really like the taste of woman-water?

Creepy as this potential Law & Order: SVU situation may be, it's not the worst gig in the world. If you're looking to make $175 and aren't totally horrified at the thought that someone is technically making broth out of you, there are more difficult ways to make money.

H/T Food Beast