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The One Craigslist Ad That Sums Up The Very Sad Reality That Is Living In New York

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We all know ‘city living’ is expensive. And not just the regular kind of expensive, but the, “I can’t afford to buy lunch until this check clears, LOL,” kind.

In a word, it’s tough.

And data backs this up. Recently released numbers show that more and more New Yorkers — roughly 1.5 million — live in crowded homes because they can’t afford to live alone. (Full disclosure: I am one of those people.)

If that data doesn’t convince you, this will: A craigslist ad featuring a toilet and 15-square feet of living space covered in graffiti has gotten an overwhelming response from wannabe renters.

The ad — which was originally intended to be a joke — boasts a super tiny, unclean area, calling it a “hip artist loft on the trendy Lower East Side.” The room is actually the bathroom of a LES diver bar…Local 138 on Ludlow Street, to be exact.

Bartender Alana Reali posted the ad to be funny (or maybe because the bar needs some PR?). Instead, the move just uncovered the depressing reality many New Yorkers and wannabe New Yorkers face on the regular. PIX11 news reported that as of October 13, the ad had gotten over 30 responses.

The most depressing part of this whole thing? I bet if Reali let them, someone would actually live there.



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