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Could Mom’s Job Give Baby Birth Defects?

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Researchers studied 9000 babies to find out if mom’s job gave them any birth defects, the answer was a shocking …. yes. Of course it would but they forgot to mention not only the jobs that mom had but whether or not she was already in top notch condition, over or under weight, diabetic or not and if there was a history of defects in the

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 family. What they did state was the lowest percentage of babies that came out close to perfect were that of teachers. Could this be because there is less strain on the body?

The study looked at nearly 9,000 babies born with single or multiple birth defects, such as those affecting the eye, ear, gastrointestinal tract and mouth and face, among others. The study also included almost 3,400 children who had none of the 45 different types of birth defects considered.

It was also determined that those that were scientists would have a higher percentage of birth defects, not to mention those that used chemicals on a daily basis, such as a janitor. It does make a lot of sense why these statistics show up this way, many know that being around or breathing in chemicals would be a bad thing for a pregnant woman. But sometimes there really is no choice. Do you believe the statistics are accurate?  Can you think of other jobs that might harm a baby in the womb?