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Halloween Costumes, Candy, Cookies, Cupcakes, And Cocktails: 19 Blisstree Posts For Last-Minute Party Planning

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There’s less than a week to go until Halloween, and whether you’ve been dreading or dreaming about the ghoulish holiday, we have a feeling you’ll be scouring the Web for last-minute ideas about costumes, cookies, cupcakes, candy, and cocktails. To help, we’ve compiled 19 of our best and most recent Halloween-y posts: Recipe roundups, costume galleries, baking ideas, candy facts, and cocktail suggestions for your big October 31 bash. (Some funny, some just plain scary.) You may want to rethink that Snooki costume, though. Just saying.

1. Hungry and Haunted: 10 Seriously Spooky Halloween Cookie Recipes

2. Green Halloween: 10 Eco-Friendly (and Hilarious) Halloween Costumes You Already Own

3. 10 Creepy Halloween Cocktails: 5 Under 200 Calories, 5 Not So Much

4. Trick or Eat: 10 Scarily Disgusting Halloween Recipes

5. Gallery: Top 10 Halloween Costumes Based on Current Events (That Aren’t Completely Lame)

6. Healthy Halloween? 10 Good-for-You Recipes That Don’t Suck

7. Doggone It: 10 Weirdest Halloween Costumes for Pet Owners and Their Pets

8. Demonic Desserts: 10 Haunted Halloween Cupcake Recipes

9. Spooky Yet Sporty: Our 10 Favorite Halloween Costumes of Pro Athletes

10. Candy Corruption: 10 Foreign Halloween Treats That Trick Us (By Not Being Sold In the U.S.)

11. Frighteningly Fit: 10 Best Halloween Costumes for Exercise Enthusiasts

12. Trick or Treat: 10 Halloween Candies With Scary Nutrition Facts

13. The Horror, the Horror: 10 Worst Halloween Costumes for Couples

14. Halloween Horrors: 10 Natural Face Paints That Won’t Kill You

15. Shop Blisstree: Halloween Cupcake Toppers

16. 5 Moments of Nostalgic Zen Courtesy of Our Favorite Childhood Halloween Specials

17. No Gourd Shall Go Wasted: 4 Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipes

18. Dressing Up For Halloween: Cool or Lame? Take Our Poll

19. Junk Food for Frankenstein: Flashback Friday