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Cool Gadget Gifts Here and There

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Spotted on various blogs are these contraptions and tools that will make good gifts this Christmas:

For those who love to cook:


Jamie Oliver's Tefal Survival Kit – a cooking set that neatly stacks together (at Slashfood)


Skrub’a – nylon scrubbing gloves for cleaning potatoes and carrots (at Don Genova's blog)


Egg Cracker – just what it's called, it's a gadget for cracking eggs (at Cooking Gadgets)

For cat lovers:


Litter Robot – an automatic self-cleaning litter box (at Coolest Gadgets)

For the techie:


Victorinox Cyber Tool 34 by Swiss Army – all the tools needed to tinker with every gadget in the home (at Pop Gadget)

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