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The Coolest Dog Trick Ever Is Also For A Good Cause: Rescue Dogs Learning How To Drive

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Even the coolest of cool dog tricks don't hold a candle to this video of rescue dogs learning how to drive at a “canine driving school” in New Zealand. Although it's probably the coolest dog trick we've ever seen, it's not just another gratuitous internet meme: The point of the project is to highlight dogs' intelligence and bring attention to dogs for adoption.

Of course, there are plenty of other great reasons to get a rescue dog–or any kind of dog. Even if you can't teach it cool dog tricks like driving, several studies suggest that you'll get a host of health benefits from your new best friend. Chief among them is simply all the walking you'll do–but studies have also shown that pets can boost your immune system, lower stress, and reduce depression. In fact, a study out today says that even just picturing your pet can help you de-stress.

Ready to see the coolest dog trick ever? Check out the video over at BBC News.

Photo: courtesy of BBC News