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Consigment Sales Galore

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I am so excited that the second of the big consignment sales is this weekend.  Granted, the sale has been going on since last Saturday but this weekend, everything on Saturday is 50% off and Sunday is 75% off.  I am willing to wait until this weekend to buy as the prices are ok now but will be very good this weekend.  I’ll let you know what I get for Turkey Butt as I have taken all her summer stuff out of her closet.  When she saw it, she cried, ran to me, and asked who took all her clothes.  It was so sad.  I am hoping hte snow bibs will still be there for my nephew on Saturday morning.  I will pay $5 for the good pair of snow bibs but not $10.  I am so cheap as they go for $75 at the store.  Oh well.

PS… I did get a Bundle Me Pink fleece shell for my girlfriend.  It was $8 and I didn’t think it would make it past Friday so she asked me to get it for her.  It was a good deal as I paid $12 for Little Man’s.