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Conscious Climax: How to Think Yourself to Orgasm

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Earlier this week, I wrote about a new study which says women can not only achieve orgasm physically, but can also achieve it just by thinking about it. And naturally, this is just too good a topic to leave well enough alone. I want to talk about this more. And then think about it. A lot. However, to Dr. Carol Queen, a Good Vibrations staff sexologist, this new study isn't that really all that new, seeing as how she's encountered women with this ability several times before.

“I have met women, a very few, who can do this,” Dr. Queen explains. “As far as we know, it is a rare capability, but surely not unknown.”

Dr. Queen explains that, like meditators, women with this ability can exercise great control over their brains, and can let go into a fantasy, perhaps more fully than the rest of us, to achieve a “no-hands” orgasm. According to her, there are also a few subtle movements one can do to enhance the visualization: pelvic movements; rhythmic muscle tightening, especially of the pelvic floor muscles (aka Kegels or PC [pubococcygeal] muscles); and deep breathing.

“A woman should be able to clear her mind and environment of distractions and know what kind of mental imagery is most likely to excite her,” Dr. Queen explains. “Adding the adjunct physical practices will also help. In particular, rhythmically clenching the pelvic muscles and engaging in writhing or “humping” motions.”

Sounds fan-tantric to me. But Dr.Queen also cautions that studies like this require experimentation and research before they can make sweeping be-all-and-end-all claims, because discovery is an ongoing process.

“When so little of women's sexuality is fundamentally understood, this study gives the reader the impression that we know more than we do,” Dr. Queen states. “Researchers would so often like to give the impression that they've unlocked the last door to the mystery, and so far, that's not at all the case.”

“The majority of women don't orgasm during intercourse with men on a regular basis,” she continues. “And sexual partnership is about far more than orgasm. “It's about love, companionship, touch, and other elements that do not come with a sex toy or the ability to think yourself to orgasm.”

You can find out more about Good Vibrations and Dr. Carol Queen by visiting their website at www.goodvibes.com

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