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Prosecutors OK With Slap On The Wrist For Conrad Murray, But It’s Not Right

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conrad murray michael jacksonYesterday, the judge handed Dr. Conrad Murray a maximum four-year sentence for his role in the death of Michael Jackson. And while the prosecutors for the high-profile case are OK with this term (knowing that Murray's actual time served is likely to be significantly less), it's simply not right.

The sentence came after the judge reprimanded Murray for 24 minutes in his courtroom. One of the prosecutors, David Walgreen explained to the Today show what happened:

He (the judge) had sat through the trial, had heard all of the evidence, he was one of the most informed people in regards to the facts of the case, and I think being aware of all the facts and all the evidence, he was rightfully offended by the actions of Conrad Murray and was expressing that.

And although Murray got the maximum sentence of four years, the other prosecutor, Debra Brazil said it's not about the amount of time he serves:

The judge clearly sent a message to Dr. Murray as well as any other physician by imposing the maximum sentence. The actual time spent behind bars is not a reflection of the seriousness of Conrad Murray's conduct.

Really? The amount of time behind bars doesn't matter? So essentially, Murray will get a slap on the wrist and spend a fraction of those four years in jail and then be free even though it's clear that he was responsible for the death of another human being?

Walgreen added that this sentence will likely not even make an impact on Murray:

I certainly don't think it helped him. I think the fact that in that interview he expressed a complete lack of remorse, a complete lack of personal responsibility, he blamed it again on Michael Jackson rather than himself … that he Conrad Murray was the victim and not Michael Jackson, I think it showed a complete failure to recognize what he did.

So if that's the case, then why is he only getting four years and why will he likely go free long before that time is up? Yes, that is the maximum sentence, but that hardly seems adequate for someone who was a trusted medical professional to practice medicine so irresponsibly. I think part of his actions had to do with the amount of pressure he was under as the doctor of such a celebrity. I have to believe it was not only Jackson who was pushing Muirray for the drugs, but also his “people”. When you have a patient of such high fame, it would have to be hard to say “no”, but that's no excuse. If Murray was not comfortable dolling out the drugs, he should have resigned as Jackson's doctor. Yes, as patients we are all responsible for our own health, but when someone is not in a clear state of mind (as Jackson was), the patient can easily become a victim. And for that, Murray should get a whole lot more than four years.

What do you think he deserves?

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