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To Every Man That Says Wearing A Condom Makes Sex Feel Less Enjoyable

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Dear Men That Say Wearing A Condom Makes Sex Feel Less Enjoyable: We’re calling bullshit on you.

Well, actually, science is. A new study released in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has determined that condoms don’t affect sexual performance. So guys who claim that sex just “doesn’t feel as good,” when wearing a condom, or that “they’re just uncomfortable” are probably lying to you. And if they have trouble staying hard with a helmet on their soldier, it’s probable they have trouble staying hard to begin with.

To find out if men suffer from erectile dysfunction or if they just hated condoms, researchers surveyed almost 500 men between the ages of 18 and 24. The surveyors asked each man if they’d ever experienced problems in the bedroom because of condoms.

The results?

The researchers found that over one-third of the men, or 38 percent, polled had no trouble staying hard when covering their junk. However, out of the 62 percent of men who did report difficulties while wearing condoms or putting them on, 18 to 32 percent met the criteria for “mild to moderate” erectile dysfunction. That means that those dudes who blame their penis problems on condoms would probably be going soft either way.

Now that we know that, it’s even easier to tell a guy to grow up (and man up) when they whine about wearing a condom. And if he still persists, remember that this isn’t the first study shifting condoms away from the blame game. A 2013 study from the University of Indiana also proved that condoms don’t affect the quality of sex.

The bottom line? No glove, no love.

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