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Condom Know-How: Daily Health Quiz

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It’s summer, but school is still cool. And our Daily Health Quiz will test your know-how. Answer our question, below, and check back tomorrow for the answer and your next pop quiz.

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Today’s Question: In addition to flavored condoms, you can buy condoms made out of a few different types of materials. Do you know which material is most effective at protecting against STD transmission?

Answer to Yesterday’s Question: Banana, strawberry, whiskey – it seems like condoms come in every flavor under the sun these days. But flavored condoms don’t come without their risks. If you’re using them for vaginal sex, could they lead to infection? The answer is yes. The sugar in the flavored condoms makes it easier for bacterial infections to form. So make sure that the next time you pick up your fave flave, you grab some unflavored ones, too.