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Coming Up In April: More Posts!

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Nothing says love like a cheque for 66 cents.

Yup, that’s the income I’ve generated from my work on Babylune. Either I am not touching the right notes with new mothers, I am not doing enough to find new mothers online, or this is just going to have to be a labour of love and only love.

In any case, I know that building a blog is about building a community and that means offering information of value to readers on a regular basis. To this end, Kelly at Thrifty Mommy and I  have challenged each other to make ten posts a week for the month of April so that there is always something new and interesting for you to read and comment on in  our blogs. It’ll be tough to balance paying work, family responsibilities and the regular challenges of energy management with increased blogging here, but I believe that blogging is an important part of our new global culture and I want to be a part of it.
Plus, life for parents is always a juggling act. So really, what’s more ball in the air?