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Come On, Women: Victoria’s Secret Bags Really Make You Feel Sexier?

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We thought you’d like this post from Jennifer Barton at Lemondrop. Let us know if that pink-striped bag makes you feel more glamorous in the comments.

You know how wearing sexy lady underthings can make you feel hot? You can get the same high without panty lines — just carry a Victoria’s Secret shopping bag instead.

A study in the Journal of Consumer Research found that women who walked around a mall holding a Victoria’s Secret bag for an hour felt more feminine, glamorous and attractive than those who just carried around a sad, brand-less pink bag.

This goes back to the idea that some brands (like Cartier, Harley-Davidson, Nike and Ferrari) have such appealing associations that consumers feel the brand’s personality will rub off on them if they use their products, even for a short time (also known as “being delusional”).

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