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Coke’s Happiness Truck Makes People Forget Their Sodas Are Sickening

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Coca-Cola's latest campaign involves what they call a “Happiness Truck,” and it has been honking its way through some of the world's major cities. The Happiness Truck (which has “125 years of sharing happiness” emblazoned across it) has a button at the rear which, when pushed by curious on-lookers, dispenses with free Cokes, cupcakes, snacks, toys, and other random swag. Anywhere the truck stops turns into a rock concert, literally, as Coca-Cola hired major label bands and musicians to perform under Coke's massive red banner. Recently, they hit up Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver and created a viral video in an effort to brand their fizzy drinks as happiness-inducers, and  watching the cutesy video is almost convincing: The concert footage looks like a rockin' good time, and the families hitting that push button for free goodies are all laughing and spreading smiles.

Cleverly done, Coca-cola.  Match, set, point.

How easily these publicity stunts and  viral videos make people forget that Coca-cola is probably the worst drink you could assault your body with. Just because they removed cocaine from their list of ingredients over a century ago doesn't mean it won't drug your system into oblivion. High blood pressure, stroke, and cancer are just some of the lovely illnesses attributed to the brown, syrupy stuff. But who can think about that when you're bouncing up and down to the phat tunes of Kardinal Offishal whilst high on Coke's 22 teaspoons of sugar?

Watch the video and decide for yourself: