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Coffee, Tea or…Kidney Disease?

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Camel Drinking Coke - Kidney Disease

Wouldja Like Another Soda, My Friend?

Okay, fess up. This is you mid-morning, isn't it? Slugging your cola from the bottle until every last drop of spittle shimmies down your throat into your gut? Go on, you can admit it amongst friends. I sure as heck will. I. Love. Soda. Especially Diet Coke.

If you're with me, I hate to say it, but evidently some scientists are still out to rain on our soda-licious parade. Buggers.

It's bad enough we already know what happens to our bodies when we drink a Coke (if you don't, shame on you. Go have a look. Go!) Now couple that with this maddening conclusion from Epidemiology. Yanno, the one that says chugging two or more dark-colored sodas per day doubles your risk for developing kidney disease. Bleh.

And don't think you're any safer if you drink diet, pally. That's just as bad. Plus, the more you drink, the greater your risk. Double bleh.

See, the problem is, phosphoric acid – which is the driving force behind cola's acidity and yummy taste – can promote the development of kidney stones, which may, in turn, lead to kidney disease. You'll notice I said cola's acidity and that this study is indicative of dark-colored sodas. That's because clear sodas such as Sprite and 7-Up didn't have the same effects as their phosphoric counterparts.

So, the general jist of this bummer of a revelation? Kick the cola and go for water, 100% juice or skim milk instead.

Oy. I smell a New Year's Resolution coming, how 'bout you?

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